Auto-enrolment service

Are you getting ready for auto-enrolment?

Have you heard about auto-enrolment? It is the term for the automatic enrolment of employees into workplace pension schemes and it will affect all businesses.

Automatic enrolment of employees into workplace pension schemes is now well underway. By 2018, every UK employer will have been brought on board, with employee and employer contributions being paid.

Though 2018 may seem like a long way off, there is a lot to do - so in order that employers meet their requirements for auto-enrolment, they should start planning now.

We have prepared a free auto-enrolment pack which includes a comprehensive guide to auto-enrolment compliance and a useful Q&A guide to answer all your auto-enrolment queries.

So don’t delay - start your preparation today.

About Savvy

We’re Savvy, are you?

Welcome to Savvy, an accounting practice with a refreshingly different approach. Dynamic and technology-driven, we’re about as far away from the traditional image of grey suited ‘bean-counters’ as you can get. We believe your accountant should be accessible, affordable and as passionate about your business as you are, that they should make a difference to how you work, and add real value to your bottom line.

While we support our clients with all the usual compliance services you’d expect – Tax, VAT, Payroll, Accounts – what differentiates us from our peers is our focus on helping them to work smarter, so they can be more efficient and productive. We don’t think your accountant should simply be someone you see once a year – a reactive supplier who crunches your numbers, but rather a strategic partner who will use the knowledge and information you entrust them with to offer advice, and help you take your business where you want it to go.

Our use of cloud-computing helps make us more responsive and cost-effective, and benefits our clients by eliminating paperwork. We know first-hand that adopting the right technology can transform the way you work, and we can help you introduce accounting software that enables more collaborative working and allows us to oversee your financials in real-time. This way, we can ensure your position is always as tax efficient as possible, and assist you in making informed financial decisions on an ongoing basis – not waiting until the end of the period when it will probably be too late.

Savvy is engaged by clients who are diverse in scale and sector. They include small, one-man businesses, medium sized enterprises, and high net worth individuals with investment incomes, and high earning, contractors.

Working with us is easy. We can tailor our services to offer a bespoke solution that meets your unique requirements exactly – or you can select one of our packages for a fixed monthly fee.

Not all accountants are the same. Be different, be Savvy!