Savvy Packages

Our Savvy Accountancy & Taxation packages provide a wide range of services and advice to help you take your business where you want it to go.

Choose the package for your business that suits your core compliance and advice needs and just add on services as your business grows. Our fixed monthly fee means no nasty surprises and by spreading the cost throughout the year not only helps cash flow, but also allows you to budget accordingly.


Savvy’s Entrepreneur package is available for sole traders and small partnerships.


Specifically designed for limited companies and contractors looking for a full package that offers everything you require.


Assistance for your fast growing business to get the best out of your company, our Enterprise package fits the bill.

Savvy Services

Our Compliance, Advisory Performance & Advisory Strategic services

Our Savvy Compliance services include...

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    Accounting Services

    Savvy can take care of all your business compliance requirements. We work with all types of business structures including sole traders and partnerships, small and medium size limited companies and contractors, supporting them with the full range of professional compliance services.

    Working with us is easy: Fix the base level of support you need for accounting & tax and just add on services as your business grows. Choose a bespoke solution or select one of our service packages for a fixed monthly fee. Simple!

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    Bookkeeping & VAT

    Using online software, we will provide you with a unique email address so you can send your bills, receipts and invoices directly into your account or simply take a photo with your phone. From there we will securely upload your paperwork to the cloud, extract the key data and build your accounts. We can set up bank feeds too so you can have real time information at your fingertips.

    Our solution will keep track of how much money is coming in and going out of your business, and if you need to prepare quarterly VAT returns then consider it done. Prices start from just £15 per month.

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    Fee Protection Service

    HMRC investigations are at record levels leaving the small business owner feeling the heat.

    With HMRC obtaining new powers and many enquiries selected completely at random it has never been more important for you to take out fee protection.

    Our no-nonsense service is backed by an insurance policy that we have arranged through Taxwise. Under the policy, we can claim professional costs incurred defending you in the event of a tax enquiry, ensuring you are not left picking up the bill.

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    As you would expect, we can assist with all aspects of taxation - Personal Tax (self assessment) for sole traders, partnerships, directors and high net worth individuals. Our Business Tax services include Corporation Tax, iXBRL filing, VAT, PAYE, CIS and specialist R&D claims.

    We also offer a great range of property tax advice & services for our ever-increasing client base of landlords and investors. Whether you have a holiday let or a property portfolio, let us prepare your property accounts and help reduce your income tax.

    If you decide to cash in on your investment by selling property we can prepare your Capital Gains computation and calculate any tax liabilities.

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    Payroll & HR

    With the introduction of RTI and Auto Enrolment, managing payroll has become more complex in recent years. To accommodate this, and provide our clients with the highest level of support, we have invested considerable resources into our payroll services.

    We now boast a dedicated Payroll & HR department providing solutions such as comprehensive compliant payroll (from 1 to 1000 employees), beautifully branded payslips, branded employee portals, Auto Enrolment solutions, Employee contracts, staff handbooks and a Employment law helpline.

    If you have not considered the benefits of outsourcing your payroll function, now might be the right time to do so, especially given the extra responsibilities, data collection and reporting duties that will come with being auto enrolment compliant.

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    Auto Enrolment

    Auto enrolment (AE) will affect all employers regardless of the number of people they employ* and there are a number of important tasks that must be completed to comply with AE.

    We can guide you through the whole process, from arranging a review of your current systems and helping you assess the costs involved, to providing a complete, fully compliant auto enrolment solution for your business.

    * Companies employing a sole director may not be required to report auto enrolment duties.

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    Company Formation & Legal Services

    At Savvy, we love incorporating companies!

    To share in the excitement of an entrepreneurial idea turning it into a new business is a real buzz. We can offer a fast, inexpensive incorporation service to get you up and running, or a full solution to include taking care of all your paperwork, and online registration of all HMRC business taxes.

    Depending on the complexity of your start up, selecting the right share structure can be vitally important, and we can advise you on the best option for your business.

Our Savvy Performance Advice services include...

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    Business Advice

    If you want your business to work smarter and faster, utilising cloud accounting software is as Savvy as you can get. As well as giving you a better overview of your finances, working in the cloud provides a platform that allows us to work collaboratively with you, enabling us to find opportunities to increase revenue and efficiency in your business, read more

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    Business Intelligence

    Ever wanted to know how your business is actually performing? We can provide an operational real-time reporting engine, which will enable you to access business performance data at any point in time, monitor trends, and identify improvement opportunities.

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    Financial Analysis

    At Savvy, we can transform your accounting data into insightful visual metrics, so you can drill into the real ‘nitty gritty’‘ detail of your business by including analysing key performance indicators (KPI), profitability and cash flow.

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    Cash Flow Forecasting

    Many companies struggle or even fail because they don't have full visibility of the cash in their business until it’s too late. Our real life forecasting solution accurately visualises your short term cash flow, and gives you the ability to create different budget scenarios so you are able to make the right decisions in advance.

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    Management Reporting

    Whether you are simply looking to get a deeper insight and understanding of your business position, or you require regular comprehensive management reports, we have the tools to give you a clearer picture of your business. We can report your financial performance, position and cash, allowing for informed management decision making.

Our Savvy Strategic Advice services...

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    Strategic Planning

    Every business owner understands that a successful business must forward plan; in reality though, the urgent pressures of day to day management can often mean that strategic planning does not get the attention it should.

    We can help you map out a strategic plan to achieve your objectives, and support you to make certain you stay on track. With our external perspective, and our in-depth knowledge of your business, we’ll be alongside you to take the long view, and to help you navigate any issues along the way.

    Let’s meet for an informal chat – we’ll buy the coffee – and with an understanding of your goals, we’ll devise the strategy to get you where you want to be.

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    System Implementation

    At the centre of any business are large volumes of data – financial records, customer and supplier communications, employee details, regulatory requirements – and much more besides. All this information needs to be retained and managed efficiently. If the system you’re running isn't suitable, not only will this prove impossible, but it will impact negatively on your business.

    Our services can range from undertaking a review of your existing system, to recommending and implementing a fully integrated accounting, project management, inventory/stock or POS system. We will even get you paperless - See our client success stories.

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    Software Consultancy

    Investing in accounting software is a business critical decision, and choosing the solution that’s right for you now – and for the future, will play an important part in your success. Whichever stage of the business life cycle you are in, whether you’ve recently started-up or you’re well established, we can steer you in the right direction.

    Reflecting the fact that 80% of us now use a smartphone or tablet to access the web, there is a whole marketplace of business applications that can integrate with accounting software, making it easy for you to sync and streamline your data.

    So if you are still using a clunky desktop application that your business has out grown, then don’t waste anymore time, get in touch for a software assessment and let us boost your productivity.

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    Succession Planning

    More than half of all companies have no formal arrangements in place to deal with the death or critical illness of a business owner. A change of ownership is a major event, and we can help you make provisions so that the remaining owners can be assured of continued control, and a smooth transition process.

    We can arrange for suitable protection to be in place and remove doubt when the time comes to transfer ownership by creating an effective plan.

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    Tax Planning

    Nobody likes nasty surprises, least of all unexpected tax bills. The key to avoiding them is calculating liability at the earliest point, allowing you to set funds aside, or at least ensure you have the maximum time to plan.

    This is one area where cloud accounting can play a pivotal role. With access to real-time – rather than historic data on your business, we can anticipate your tax position and plan accordingly, well in advance.

    Having this level of visibility also provides us with a great planning tool, allowing us to calculate those ’what if’ scenarios.

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    Exit Strategies

    If you’ve built up a business, then you have invested your time, energy and quite likely your money too. When you are in a position to exit the business then, it’s only right you should get to reap the rewards you’ve earned.

    We have been instrumental in negotiating a number of successful business sales on behalf of clients, advising them through the process, and using our experience to help bring about highly profitable financial settlements.

    You only get to do it once, so get it right.

Cloud Accounting

Be Savvy. Transform Your Business with Cloud Accounting!

Success in business means continually finding ways to work smarter, and keeping pace with technology is a vital part of this process. In recent years, few technological developments have had more impact than cloud computing: The ability to work in the cloud has revolutionised the workplace, enabling faster, more collaborative, real-time working, and forward looking companies are adopting cloud computing in all aspects of their business – including how they manage their accounts.

Investing in cloud accounting software is probably one of the easiest and least expensive ways to transform your business virtually instantly. It will put you firmly in control of your finances, giving you the flexibility to manage them from your office, your home, while you’re on the move – even from the poolside when you’re on holiday!

Don’t let traditional software hold your business back

Overnight, cloud accounting has consigned traditional accounting software to history. Those companies that continue to use non cloud based software will find themselves increasingly falling behind their competitors as they waste time, energy and money entrusting their accounts to outdated technology.

Traditional software has a range of limitations including:

  • System data will always lag behind your true position,
  • Keeping software updated can be costly, and means you may not be viewing data using the latest version.
  • Having to work on just one computer at any time makes it difficult to give access to key individuals who may need information;
  • Security can be compromised if you need to move data from PC to PC, or transfer information between users.
  • Backing up data takes time and resources.

What exactly is the cloud?

The cloud is all around us, a secure, virtual space where data and software can be stored, accessed, retrieved, shared and worked on from anywhere, at any time, on any device with an internet connection. Because software and data are held in the cloud rather than on your PC, there’s no need to install and run applications – the information you need to access, and the software you need to work with are instantly available wherever you are.

There’s a good chance you’re already making use of cloud computing in your everyday life. The convenience of internet banking is something that most of us are now familiar with, and the ability to check your balance or authorise a payment using your smartphone, tablet or PC from wherever you happen to be is made possible by cloud technology. If you use Microsoft 360, you’ll know that the MS Office suite and other software applications are now provided via the cloud, and if you have a smartphone, you’ll almost certainly be using the cloud daily to access and back up data.

Embracing online cloud accounting will give you – and your accountant – full visibility of your financial position in real time, enabling fast, effective decision making. You can also give authorised access to key team members, making collaborative working a reality, even where staff may be base in different locations.

Simple, intuitive and easy to use, cloud accounting software is scalable, so it can grow with your company: There are many useful add-ons that can add further value, and it can be easily integrated with other business software solutions you may already be using.

How secure is the cloud?

A concern of many business owners new to cloud accounting – or any other form of cloud computing for that matter is security. In fact, as demonstrated by its use in many of the world’s most prestigious companies and financial institutions, cloud security is robust and proven, and one of the most secure ways to store information.

An integral advantage of the cloud is that it provides you with built in disaster recovery: If your laptop is stolen, your data remains inaccessible to anyone who does not have your login and password details; if hardware should be destroyed by fire, flood or any other natural disaster you will still be able to access it instantly on any other internet connected device, so there’s no interruption to productivity. With data held offsite in the cloud then, you have none of the risks or vulnerability associated with retaining critical information on a hard drive.

A further benefit of cloud accounting is that it eliminates any need to create duplicate copies of all or part of your accounts when you need to share them with others. Rather than risking copying data to a USB or attaching it to an email, you can simply give the user online access – setting privilege levels so they only see what you want them to see.

Six reasons why you need cloud accounting now!


So you will always have real time visibility of your financial position, and the data you need to be able to make informed business decisions.


To enable multi-user access and online collaboration with your key team members and accountant.


To give you more time to work on your business rather than in it – and the flexibility to work from anywhere.


No software to install – updated are free and instantly available.


All data is automatically backed up.


Reduced overheads as software upgrades, system maintenance, and administration are taken care of by the service provider.

Savvy can get your business up and running with cloud accounting software. If you’re ready to take the next step, or if there’s anything further you’d like to know about the cloud, give us a call now!

Savvy Clients

What makes our clients Savvy?


Dynamelec are electrical domestic and commercial electrical contractors supplying services to the private and public sectors.

The PD Group

Offering fully integrated design, print and web solutions, The PD Group are a dynamic creative agency based in Hampshire.

VXR case study

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About Savvy

We’re Savvy, are you?

Welcome to Savvy, an accounting practice with a refreshingly different approach. Dynamic and technology-driven, we’re about as far away from the traditional image of grey suited ‘bean-counters’ as you can get. We believe your accountant should be accessible, affordable and as passionate about your business as you are, that they should make a difference to how you work, and add real value to your bottom line.

While we support our clients with all the usual compliance services you’d expect – Tax, VAT, Payroll, Accounts – what differentiates us from our peers is our focus on helping them to work smarter, so they can be more efficient and productive. We don’t think your accountant should simply be someone you see once a year – a reactive supplier who crunches your numbers, but rather a strategic partner who will use the knowledge and information you entrust them with to offer advice, and help you take your business where you want it to go.

Our use of cloud-computing helps make us more responsive and cost-effective, and benefits our clients by eliminating paperwork. We know first-hand that adopting the right technology can transform the way you work, and we can help you introduce accounting software that enables more collaborative working and allows us to oversee your financials in real-time. This way, we can ensure your position is always as tax efficient as possible, and assist you in making informed financial decisions on an ongoing basis – not waiting until the end of the period when it will probably be too late.

Savvy is engaged by clients who are diverse in scale and sector. They include small, one-man businesses, medium sized enterprises, and high net worth individuals with investment incomes, and high earning, contractors.

Working with us is easy. We can tailor our services to offer a bespoke solution that meets your unique requirements exactly – or you can select one of our packages for a fixed monthly fee.

Not all accountants are the same. Be different, be Savvy!