The PD Group case study

Our client

Offering fully integrated design, print and web solutions, The PD Group are a dynamic creative agency based in Hampshire. The company works with a diverse range of clients, supporting them with services that can range from creating a stunning advertising campaign or printing high quality corporate stationery, to designing an interactive website.

Our challenge

Sustained growth over many years had put the company’s accounting system under pressure, to the point where it was no longer suitable for the size the business had become. Although they were using a desktop version of Sage, accounts processes were not centralised, so Account Managers were creating their own client invoices independently, using different formats and invoice numbering systems. Work was being duplicated and the risk of errors increased as staff forwarded a copy invoice to the company’s in-house accounts for re-inputting.

In addition, The PD Group were seeking professional financial advice on how the business – which is made up of several different trading divisions, could best be structured to optimise tax efficiency, and prepare it for further growth.

Our solution

Using software from Sage, we migrated all of the company’s accounts onto a centralised, hosted platform. This solution eliminates the need for any data to be re-input, ensures sequential numbering, and produces fully branded invoices for a professional image. The software automates processes including credit control, and because it’s web-based, information can be accessed from anywhere, on any device by users who have the correct access privileges.

As well as streamlining their accounts system, we helped The PD Group to make changes to the way it is structured, ensuring the business is as tax efficient as possible, and in a position to be able to manage and benefit from future expansion.

The outcome

Centralising accounts on a hosted system has brought a range of benefits to The PD Group – not least of which is creating a paperless environment. Account Managers now have more time to focus on project work, and looking after clients; raising invoices is simple and quick, and because VAT and totals are automatically calculated, there’s no opportunity for errors to creep in. Automating the credit control process means that money comes in when it’s due, and cash flow is much improved as a result.

Finally, having full visibility of the PD Group’s accounts and financials means that Savvy is always on hand to help resolve any issues or queries as they arise.

What our client says

Before engaging Savvy, our accountant was an old family friend who we saw just once a year. Savvy have transformed the way our accounting processes work, helping us to manage the increased workload that has come as a result of our growth. Savvy are always accessible whenever we need advice, and because they have full access to our hosted accounts system, issues are resolve there and then, giving us complete peace of mind.Jacky Perrelet, The PD Group

About Savvy

We’re Savvy, are you?

Welcome to Savvy, an accounting practice with a refreshingly different approach. Dynamic and technology-driven, we’re about as far away from the traditional image of grey suited ‘bean-counters’ as you can get. We believe your accountant should be accessible, affordable and as passionate about your business as you are, that they should make a difference to how you work, and add real value to your bottom line.

While we support our clients with all the usual compliance services you’d expect – Tax, VAT, Payroll, Accounts – what differentiates us from our peers is our focus on helping them to work smarter, so they can be more efficient and productive. We don’t think your accountant should simply be someone you see once a year – a reactive supplier who crunches your numbers, but rather a strategic partner who will use the knowledge and information you entrust them with to offer advice, and help you take your business where you want it to go.

Our use of cloud-computing helps make us more responsive and cost-effective, and benefits our clients by eliminating paperwork. We know first-hand that adopting the right technology can transform the way you work, and we can help you introduce accounting software that enables more collaborative working and allows us to oversee your financials in real-time. This way, we can ensure your position is always as tax efficient as possible, and assist you in making informed financial decisions on an ongoing basis – not waiting until the end of the period when it will probably be too late.

Savvy is engaged by clients who are diverse in scale and sector. They include small, one-man businesses, medium sized enterprises, and high net worth individuals with investment incomes, and high earning, contractors.

Working with us is easy. We can tailor our services to offer a bespoke solution that meets your unique requirements exactly – or you can select one of our packages for a fixed monthly fee.

Not all accountants are the same. Be different, be Savvy!